TEACHING MATERIALS: Sarah Diermeier, Ph.D.

RNA-Seq rocks: Using it to d

Sarah Diermeier, Ph.D., Post-doctoral fellow, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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David Spector, Ph.D.

What does your lab study?

David Spector, Ph.D.

Big surprise! Many long non-coding RNAs

David Spector, Ph.D.

Using RNA-Seq to identify therapeutic cancer targets and impact treatment

Michael Schatz, Ph.D.

Why did you become a computational biologist?

Michael Schatz, Ph.D.

What does your research program encompass?

Michael Schatz, Ph.D.

What should students learn to become sucessful computational biologists?

Michael Schatz, Ph.D.

What can be learned from doing RNA-Seq?

Sarah Diermeier, Ph.D.

RNA-Seq rocks: Using it to determine differential gene expression in cancer

Brent Buckner, Ph.D.

Evidence-based gene annotation with undergraduate students

Lior Pachter, Ph.D.

"Stories from the supplement" from the genome informatics meeting 11/1/2013